Simple Owner Management.

Create Owner Invoices, Statements, & Booking Reports. Your Owner Can Pay Online.

Save hours each month and scale your business effortlessly.

  Automatic Payout Calculation

Create payout rules which automatically calculate how much each user is due for a booking, or how much the owner owes you. These rules are automatically applied, based on rule criteria, whenever you create a new statement or invoice. Invoice your owners in just a few clicks each month and have your owners pay online.

  Customize Statements & Invoices

Completely customize your statements and invoices with your own logo. You may add additional line items to each invoices and add fees and taxes as needed. Your documents are printable directly from the dashboard and you may hide your statements while you’re working on them.

  Accept Online Payments

Payments from owners are sent directly to your account and not through Innair. Innair uses your own account to collect payment on your behalf. Innair accepts almost any kind of credit or debit card. Invoicing and collecting payments from your owners has never been easier.

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Start Invoicing In Minutes

Setup is quick and you can start receiving payment from owners immediately. Your owners will receive a fully branded, professional invoice listing all bookings received in the billing period and the amount they owe for each.

Innair automates invoice creation and saves your hours each month to do the things that help grow your business.

Custom Branding Available.

Innair allows you to fully brand your owner invoices with your company logo. Your owners will receive a message letting them know that a new invoice is available.They can then login and pay online. The process is seamless and easy and Innair puts your brand first.

Want to know more about Innair? Check out our instruction videos.

Powerful Payout Rules

A payout rule instructs Innair to calculate a specific payout, or payable amount, for each booking in an owner statement or invoice. Payout rules apply to bookings which match the rule restrictions. So, if you want a different payout amount for different owners, or different channels, or different rentals, etc you may create a rule for each case.

Innair will then find a matching rule for each booking depending on the booking’s rental, owner, or channel when you are creating an invoice or statement for an owner.

Need Help Getting Setup?

Innair support will provide FREE assistance getting setup with channel management. Message us today and get started in minutes.

Customer Support Is Our Killer Feature

We know that Innair is critical to your business and you need answers immediately. That’s why we have real-time support via our chat app. You can also contact us anytime if ever you need to speak to us. We pride ourselves on our support and take even more pride in our 10 minute median response time to support requests.